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Newsletter of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova
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Parliamentary Factions

In order to create working bodies and to organize the activity of the Parliament, members of the Parliament form parliamentary factions, being composed from at least 5 deputies, elected on the basis of electoral lists and parliamentary factions with similar numerical composition out of independent MP’s. Parliamentary factions are composed during the first 10 days after the legal constitution of the Parliament, and they function on the basis of their own Regulation. Starting with 23 may 1991 Moldovan legislative body is entitled THE PARLIAMENT, previously being called the Supreme Council. The number of elected deputies in the Parliament in the course of last three mandates varied depending on the legislative provisions in force at the respective time, registering downward trend in the number of MP’s. Thus, in 12th legislature 380 MP’s were elected, in 13th legislature – 104 MP’s, in 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th legislature, and in current 19th legislature work 101 deputies, elected on the basis of proportional voting for the period of 4 years.

101 MP’s, elected during elections from 28 November, 2010, have constituted the following 4 parliamentary factions:

Parlamentul de legislatura X. 21.03.2019
Parlamentul de legislatura X. 21.03.2019
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