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Proiectul hotărîrii cu privire la modificarea Hotărîrii Parlamentului nr.9 din 28.01.2015 privind aprobarea componenței nominale a comisiilor permanente ale Parlamentului (anexele nr.1, nr.2, nr.9)

Stage: Approving
Data: 2/7/2019
Law Number: Nr. 11
Published: -
Final Text: 11.pdf
Stages and artifacts
  • Initiation
  • Registration Number: 15
    Registration date: 2/7/2019
    Authors: Biroul permanent
    Innitial Text:
    Additional Documents:
  • Examination
  • Debating
  • Lecture Plenary Sitting Status Documents
    Lectura 1 Approving
  • Adoption
  • Data Status Documents
    2/7/2019 Inregistrata
    2/7/2019 InExaminare
    2/7/2019 Dezbatere
    2/7/2019 Adoptata
    2/7/2019 Adoptare

    Status: Adoptat
    Published: -
    Final Text: 11.pdf
Parlamentul de legislatura X. 21.03.2019
Parlamentul de legislatura X. 21.03.2019
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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